Zac Efron's appearance is just a few weeks after his high school Musical' co-star Vanessa Hudgens visited the location

Zac Efron returns from where the story began, and the fans are in total amazement.

The Hollywood actor has teased that he's returning back to his High School Musical franchise.

On his Instagram account on Friday, the user posted a photo of himself standing outside Salt Lake High School East one of the major locations in the cult show.

Efron has gained huge popularity in 2006 when Efron first appeared in Troy Bolton in the first television-produced film 

he went to the place just weeks after his old co-star Vanessa Hudgens shared a video of her in front of the same venue.

 Set to the tune of 'Breaking free", an Efron and her track from the movie.

"Do you remember from your time in school when you'd meet a child who you didn't know anything about and then

You're playing as if you're your best friends since you don't have to be anything else than you?

In the event that Zac as well as Vanessa were to return to their respective roles

Hudgens was the school's musical singer Gabriella Montez in the beloved film of the year 2006.