YouTuber for Minecraft Technoblade died at the age of 23 following a fight with cancer.

It's no surprise that the Minecraft community is very large and shouldn't be surprising considering that the game's sales of more than 238 million units and is accessible across a variety of platforms.

The community keeps the game going and so popular for quite a long time

with some of the most prominent figures on YouTube supporting this game huge way.

One of them has been YouTuber Technoblade who had more than 10 million users over approximately 10 years.

Technoblade's oldest YouTube video was released in 2013, and the channel showcases his love and enthusiasm for the game and his incredible talent.

The Technomancer family discussed the determination to "delight and reward his audience" through his videos as well as other activities.

The family members noted that Technomancer would like his identity to be kept private.

He is asking the public to respect that and respect privacy for the family in this moment.

We thank for sharing his story through all of it, as his work was something he loved to do for his beloved fans."