Yellowstone" star Q'orianka Kutcher was accused of stealing nearly $97,700 in disability compensation

Kilcher 32-year-old Kilcher, who lives in North Hollywood, is charged with two felonies of workers insurance fraud.

as per an announcement issued by the California Department of Insurance.

Kilcher in 2020 portrayed Angela Blue Thunder for four episodes of the Paramount Network Western, which also stars Kevin Costner.

Kilcher revealed to a doctor who is who was handling the insurance claim she had been offered employment

However, she was unable to take the medication due to extreme neck pain from the injury,

Between 2019 and 2021, Kilcher earned the sum of $96,838 in disability benefits for temporary disabilities.

An investigation revealed that Kilcher worked in the film "Yellowstone" for a number of months in the year 2019

In a statement from her attorney, Michael Becker said that Kilcher was the passenger in a production car when she was injured.

She went back to her doctor, and she began receiving disability benefits five days following the final episode of that show."