Will Smith is addressing the Oscars slap controversy in his first live on-camera apology following the incident.

Oscar Best Actor that evening he was also the one to slap Chris Rock on the awards stage.

"I was completely sluggish at this point. It's all blurred.

I've contacted Chris and the response I received was that he's not willing to discuss the matter

When he's in a position, he'll extend his hand," Smith said. "So I'll say to the person who is reaching out, Chris, I apologize to you."

Smith stated that Smith said he "spent the last three months replaying and understanding the nuances of what happened in that moment."

"I can assure everyone that there is no one in my life who believes that this was the best manner to act at that time.

Smith continued the following day "I recognize it's complicated, I'm sure it was shocking

But I can assure you that I am completely dedicated and dedicated to bringing sunshine, joy and love in the world.

If you persevere and keep fighting, I'll guarantee that we'll be be friends once again," he concluded the video.