Human language is constantly evolving.

Words once popular will no longer be in fashion. will adopt new meanings or words that were not used for years will come back into fashion.

People are still unsure about the definition of smiting in Old English, a word that is often used to describe smite.

Merriam Webster defines the word "smite" as: "to strike hard or heavily, especially with one's hand or an implement in one's hand."

The verb smite refers to the action of hitting someone. It is the past tense, present participle, and current participle versions of the word.

– The man pledged to kill his enemies – The plague ravaged the family.

– Floods destroyed villages – The iron was being smashed by the blacksmith

Merriam-Webster's alternative definition of "smitten" is "deeply affected by or struck by strong emotions or attraction, affection or infatuation".

There is a separate definition for the word "smitten" that is more current than that associated with smite.

You are more likely to hear the term "smitten" used to refer to someone talking about feelings. For example, this man was completely smitten with his wife.