Watch Willow's Epic Saturday Night Live

Willow, a musician, performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

Two songs from Willow's most recent album, CopingMechanism, were performed.

Willow performed the songs "Curious/Furious" and "Ur a Stranger" while a full backing band played.

In front of pink and purple illumination, Willow sang "Curious/Furious" while holding the microphone while a mellow guitar riff was playing in the background.

The song steadily rose to a chorus, with Willow's vocals getting more forceful as the drums took up a rhythm.

Willow grabbed up a guitar and jammed with her band as the song neared its outro, culminating in an epic ending.

Willow strung her guitar in a blazing rendition of "Ur a Stranger" that had a positive punk-rock arrangement.

Willow was passionate as she sang, "She used to be mine, now she's yours and that's alright."

Willow then defiantly kicked the microphone down after hurling her guitar into an onstage prop television set.