Warriors fight. Or is it? Jesse Bromwich gets penalized. Johnson gets touch for the restart, while Egan is back.

Bromwich is warned. That's four instances of foul play by the Storm.

Tevaga holds the ball alive on the third before the golden state warriors ball moves wide to the left on the fourth.

Wayde Egan is ready to return, good news!

Johnson kicks the last. Montoya gets Meaney's goal.

The NBA warriors reach halfway as Walsh kicks to Anderson. First, touch for the winger.

Scrum for the Storm. Munster is thrown off his back but the Storm is now liable for a penalty.

Munster kicks and the ball is deflected, but Walsh manages to grab the ball.

Montoya resumes play after the penalty, in the Storm half.

Hughes kicks off the final, and the Storm reaches halfway. Kosi is again the target and he succeeds.

Curran wins the first tackle and Tevaga takes the second. Harris goes for the third as the Warriors move quickly to the right, while Walsh breaks.

The Storm must be on the other side. Nope. Handover called as Aitken.

Ryan Papenhuyzen, George Jennings, and key forward Christian Welch have been ruled out of the game until 2023.

NZ Kiwis hooker Brandon Smith has been suspended for the last week due to swearing at a referee.