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Warner Bros bosses are said to be considering a restructuring of DC's superhero franchise and the implementation of a 10-year plan in order to replicate the success of their Marvel counterparts.

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David Zaslav, chief executive of the company, stated that the company will focus on the quality of blockbusters to protect the DC brand.

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This comes just a few days after the company had announced that it would cancel its upcoming Batgirl movie.

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Filmed entirely in Glasgow, five months before the 2022 release.

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According to US media, Zaslav made these comments during Thursday's Warner Bros Q2 earnings reports.

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This comes just a few months after Marvel boss Kevin Feige had announced ambitious plans that would extend into 2026.

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Feige showed details about the forthcoming Phases Five at the San Diego Comic-Con.

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"We believe we can create a stronger, more sustainable growth business from DC.

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Production cost 70 million dollars (PS57.6 million) and the film was due for release in 2022.

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"But, also, our job is to protect DC's brand, and that's exactly what we're going do."