Outlander can be described as an incredible show which follows a character that is transported back in time.

 It's been on my watch list for a long time and I'm currently watching five seasons.

However, I would advise against watching it with children. Its main cast members are as hot in their rabbit costumes.

 There are many sexual scenes and naughty moments throughout the seasons (not like GOT, but) but it's much less common in the later season.

 It can be a bit awkward to watch the show with your family if your family members aren't worried about it.

It is not necessary to watch the theme tune since they show videos that show what happens during each period.

 The theme song is different for each season and even the performer is the one to sing the tune each time.

 Which theme song from the season is your favorite? The one I prefer is the first season.

Netflix is currently streaming five episodes over the span of six. If you've not yet watched it I highly suggest it to all who love fantasy, and times travel.

 Scotland as well as the 1800s in historical fiction, violent drama, and lots of adventure. It's based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon.