Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel fans have already posted comments on social media about Thor: Love and Thunder, which is currently available on Disney+.

More than that, most fans don't seem to be impressed by the "improvement" because it appears like the visual effects on at least one scene have been modified in a very evident way.

Thor: Love and Thunder) received harsh criticism from both critics and viewers.

The "false alarm" concerning post-release alterations has also been raised by Marvel. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's episode was altered,

Disney claimed that the modification was not deliberate and attributed it to a Disney+ bug.

The scene in which Thor and Jane speak with Astrid (Heimdall's son), who is transmitting to them via Asgardian magic, is altered in Thor: Love and Thunder.

the Galaxy and Thor: Love and Thunder from Marvel Studios are currently available on Disney+.

What do you consider the modifications? Should Marvel even alter a film that has already been released to the public?