In the plot "The Bride of Venom," Anne observes what her ex has transformed into a brutal and bizarre executioner.

The Lethal Protector offered fans the most memorable experience of Venom as a definite fake.

Recognizing the two must kill the Spider-Man character, Eddie and Venom bond together and embark to take on each other for retribution.

"The Hunger" is a plot loved by Venom fans due to the fact that it returns the character who was targeted. After an odd treatment throughout the mid-2000s

Just a few months after the events in "The Wedding of Venom" the plot begins with a mobster stealing an innocent woman as a companion.

Planet of the Symbiotes" discovered a myriad of pieces of information which included the fact that Venom was part of a world that was completely inhibited by a different Symbiote.

The Ruler In Black set Venom at the center of a wider battle against Knull, the senior Lord Knull. Darkness, Knull.

Mary Jane lets Peter know that someone in the Spider-Man suit sporting a jaw-splitting tooth emerging from its mouth is in need of their home.

The toxin has evolved into a road-level vigilante as well as a friend of Spider-Man.

Eddie is transported to a confusing regulator's office, located in New Mexico.