The Mneskin censorship at the VMAs: why?


AUG 29,2022

About all that was left of Mneskin's "Supermodel" that TV viewers saw were Damiano David's ass-less chaps.

the bare-chested David was wearing chaps that showed his behind and had no trouble flaunting his assets.

Many Twitter users have hypothesized that this is because of David's and Victoria De Angelis' attire.

Victoria De Angelis had advanced to the front of the stage as a mob of dancers surrounded the band.

She was, however, completely exposed as everyone bounced and danced while her top pooled about her waist.

MTV occasionally enlarged the performance for viewers at home.

This year's ceremony saw two nominations for the Italian pop-rock group.

Fans adore Mneskin for its avant-garde glam rock aesthetic and songs.