'The Crown' Diana season on Netflix

Princess Diana in The Crown actor Emma Corrin has an intriguing perspective about the late monarch.

Emma Corrin, a nonbinary person who uses the pronouns they/them, stated that they thought Diana was queer "in so many ways."

In many ways, Diana was so queer, according to Emma Corrin, because she was an "other" in the British royal family.

They continued, contributing to Diana's reputation as an "other," that she routinely embraced "outsiders" throughout her life.

In Season 4 of The Crown, which featured the start of the royal's marriage to Charles, Emma Corrin played Diana.

Frequently, Emma Corrin has talked about what it was like to play the legendary princess.

They were warned that because they were playing such a well-known historical character, their lives would change dramatically, according to Corrin.

The character was a reflection of Diana's own lifelong experience of being pursued by the media.

Elizabeth Debicki will play Diana in Season 5 of The Crown, which debuts on Netflix on November 9.