Tarek El Moussa's Wife Heather Is Pregnant


AUG 16,2022

Still showing up for work, continuing to exercise, and continuing to be a fantastic stepmother to Tay and Bray!


"I'm in awe of how well Heather has handled her pregnancy.

Still shows up for work, continues to exercise, and continues to be a fantastic stepmom for Tay and Bray!

He added that he has "been getting a lot of questions asking about her pregnancy,

Heather captioned the photo, "This was my very first time seeing him since I found out his gender so it was really sweet."

Because I can see him and hear his heartbeat, I adore ultrasounds.


As a soon-to-be new mother, Heather acknowledged that "these things give me the best kind of flutters."

Overall, she said, "the ultrasound went well, and seeing our boy for the first time made my week."

In addition to anticipating the arrival of the baby,