T.I. speaks out after the Atlanta Falcons debut new "Rise Up"

Rotimi, an actor and singer, performs the brand-new "Rise Up" song. On Saturday, the team's Instagram account posted the track's video.

Before launching into a full stanza discussing the team's squad, Rotimi sings in the song, "Red, black, and white, yeah/ We gone climb up/ ATL that city, we go higher."

Falcons supporters, including T.I., find the song's lyrical tone to be catchy. were confused and left.

The "Bring Em Out" singer expressed his emotions in an 11-minute video that he shared on social media on Saturday. Falcons of Atlanta.

Falcons of Atlanta. Who the hell did you call, Atlanta Falcons, bro? You called who, right? " Did he ask.

T.I. I  ain't got no problem with Rotimi, I continued. Man, Rotimi is a good kitty. I get f**ked by Rotimi.

T.I. stated that he believed the absence of Atlanta musicians from the song would simply engender animosity between supporters and the organisation

6Lack, a rapper and singer, added the tweet "[Why] y'all put Rotimi in the line of fire like [that]" to his own.