Divorces are commonplace for all and is common, but especially for celebrities.

They become ugly and the divorce of the famous American television host Steve Harvey is no less than a scandalous affair.

Steve Harvey's Steve Harvey name Steve Harvey is very familiar to his fans, regardless of any age limit.

But, he was struggling for several years to attain the stability he now enjoys, however, not just the stability,

The best standup comedian of all time has some of the biggest and most lucrative careers all-time in a variety of areas.

as Harvey has shown his talent not just as a host but as a performer, writer as comedian, producer and actor.

He's come quite a way before he hit the jackpot. He has also worked as a mailman and boxer.

It's impossible now for someone who makes about $45 million annually,

He has adopted a child and who is now a famous TV and radio host is blessed with 7 children as well as a lot of grandchildren.

to have had an experience that was merely an enmity throughout until he could see the light.