"Spider-Man": No Way Home’

This Labor Day weekend, the domestic box office is expected to be so weak that "Spider-Man: No Way Home" will be re-released.

A superhero movie that debuted in theatres almost nine months ago might climb back to the number one spot.

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios made the decision to provide fans with an additional 11 minutes of content related to the multiversal crossover.

A respectable $1.75 million in box office revenue isn't bad for a film that the majority of viewers have already watched.

Considering how closely the details surrounding this movie were guarded, seeing all three Spider-Men on the poster is an amazing sight.

"I believe that the same muscle that was flexed in Spider-Man is flexed here when you see these amazing stunts," the actor said.

However, "Spider-Man" is far from guaranteed a victory lap at No. 1.

Through the weekend, "Maverick" should increase its domestic gross to $699 million.