Elon Musk has allegedly shattered an old relationship and Google Co-Founder Sergey bin after having an affair with his wife Nicole Shanahan.

People who are familiar with the matter have told the WSJ it was reported that they had filed for divorce in January and cited "irreconcilable differences,"

However, Musk has denied the allegations and claimed that Musk is still close to Brin but he claims the report is based on "third-party random hearsay."

Musk and Shanahan's alleged affair was a part of the high-profile Art Basel event in Miami after Musk's breakup with his then-girlfriend Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes.

Sources inform the WSJ that Brin, as well as Shanahan, were divorced but living together at the time.

The couple's relationship was tensions grew due to issues relating to COVID-19 lockdowns as well as their daughter, who is three years old.

Musk tweeted a response to denounce the news as "total bs." According to Musk, according to Musk, "Sergey brine and I have a lot of friends and we were at a dinner party together last night!

I've only met Nicole twice in the past three years, and both times together with other people. There's nothing romantic about it.

" In a different response, the billionaire executive said, "Haven't even had sex for a long time (sigh)."

In May an ex- SpaceX flight attendant claimed that SpaceX to pay her $250,000 in order to keep secret an incident involving Musk.

In this report, Elon Musk and Brin  have been good acquaintances.

Sergey Bin Sergei bin offered the Musk-owned Tesla $500k in financing through the economic downturn of 2008 and Musk did the same with a promise to make Sergei Brink one of its first clients to purchase Model X.2015.

The report states that the two aren't talking frequently,

and it is reported that Sergey Brinn has told advisers to sell his personal stakes in Musk's businesses.