Sci-fi terror collides with social media and influential culture to create this trippy horror film.


In a fan-favorite horror film Barbara Crampton stars as the mother who is a stern woman who plans a romantic getaway for her partner in a suspenseful thriller

3."The Thing Mary Saw"

Insane visuals, a lesbian romance, and a spooky dinner create an effective period crime thriller.


A virulent streaming troll's evening in rural England is awe-inspiringly off the track when she snatches her friend's rideshare identity.


Rory Kinnear plays a host of frightening characters - like a stalker-like guy who seems to really enjoy the life of plants.

6."She Will"

Alice Krige (left) plays an old film star who is a tourist in the Scottish countryside with her nurse in order to recuperate from surgery.

7."See for Me"

A refreshing and inclusive twist on the territory of home invasion, with the visually challenged actress Skyler Davenport as a blind former


A woman is sent a cryptic letter that summons her to a distant island, where her mother's grave is slain in this thrilling thriller.


Ghostface is back and is threatening an all-new crop of victims in the 5th chapter of the long-running franchise.

10."Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness"

America Chavez, Wong, and Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) confront a mystical threat.

11."A Banquet"

The disturbing psychological horror film about family dynamics focuses on a teenage girl who experiences an unimaginable revelation.

12."Bodies Bodies Bodies"

Amandla Stenberg (from left), Maria Bakalova, Chase Sui Wonders, and Rachel Sennott play partygoers at an event that was laced with drugs.


Title 1In this thrilling thriller packed that is full of Hitchcockian pleasures, a beautiful American lady moves to Bucharest,


Siiri Solalinna portrays a 12-year-old Finnish gymnast who is obsessed with an unidentified giant bird egg in a body of horror.


OJ and Emerald are trying to figure out the mystery behind the strange airborne object that is invading their town.