Arsenal continues to be on fire during preseason. They won a 3-1 friendly win over Orlando City to win their fourth consecutive preseason match.

The Gunners defeated Everton on Saturday. They also scored five goals against Nurnberg Town and Ipswich Town previously.

They didn't even have to get a new signing Gabriel Jesus for this job.

In the 66th minute Eddie Nketiah scored the goal. Reiss Nelson then converted the goal with 10 minutes left.

After scoring in his two first matches, it was the first preseason where Jesus failed to score.

After their subs, the Premier League team pulled away in second half.

The Arsenal back line was particularly weak during the first period, with Orlando City's long balls and hard runs exposing the defenders.

Arsenal's Nuno Tvares and Pablo Mari were quick to react to the Facundo Turres momentary equalizer.

Both were defeated by the Uruguayan, before Aaron Ramsdale was able to pass a grass-cutter through.

Hector Bellerin will replace Nuno Tavares at Arsenal while Orlando's two young men will take his place. Moises Tablante will be taking over for Benji Michel

Arsenal's side is showing more quality now.

After an active performance, Eddie Nketiah is released and Reiss Nelson takes his place.

Arsenal scored nine goals in the second half while Orlando missed their first.

Jake Mulraney beat his defender to score and Arsenal's Matt Turner stopped him.