Robin Givens Has A “Really Nice Life” Marriage To Mike Tyson

The creators of Hulu's Mike weren't trying to make Mike Tyson out to be a good guy or a bad one.

The plot revolves around his marriage to actor Robin Givens, the series is certain to evoke passionate reactions.

Givens, portrayed by Laura Harrier in Mike, wed Tyson in February 1988 after dating him for almost a year.

As their marriage deteriorated, she made a public accusation of physical and emotional abuse against the boxing champion.

Givens called their union "pain, utter torment, worse than I could ever conceive."

Givens sought a divorce from her husband of eight months in October 1988, citing marital abuse as the cause.

In February 1989, their divorce was ultimately formalized.

She has advanced significantly over the past 30+ years; she concluded, "I have a really, really great life now."