Gunnar Nelson is sitting with Matthew Nelson, his twin brother, and Nelson's bandmate, as they discuss Ricky Nelson's new best-of compilation.

They have a 30-plus-year catalog that includes pop, country, and even experimental hard music.

They self-deprecatingly admit that they are best known for their 1990 debut,

After the Rain. Gunnar and Matthew were both high school graduates.

Gunnar's mother even sent them letters stating that they were "delusional" but would never achieve success.

Matthew says that Matthew's mother made it difficult for them to make music. "She stated that we always reminded [Rick] of her and that the business was terrible and was "gonna take you down."

Gunnar says that he and his brother thought that one day they would be able to say, "You boys did a great, good job.

They were close to their father who supported them musically, and I was wrong about that.

Six other passengers, including him, were also killed in the crash of his private plane, a DC-3-era DC-3 from World War II.

Rick was 45, Gunnar and Matthew 18 respectively.