Ricky Martin has never been in a "sexual or romantic relationship" with his nephew.

Lawyer for the singer stated Friday that his client is facing allegations of domestic abuse by a younger relative in Puerto Rico.

Marty Singer, Martin's lawyer, said that the claimant is suffering from deep mental health problems.

Martin was issued a temporary restraining or, and then he was threatened with violence.

More about the fallout from a seven-month-long affair with her 21-year-old nephew.

Martin could face a nearly 50 year sentence if convicted of domestic abuse with a family member.

These claims are from an unincorporated territory in the United States. The lawyer's response is Martin

Drucker filed her complaint at Los Angeles Superior Court June 29th.

Martin and his Lavely & Singer lawyers have remained mostly silent on the matter.

Martin was approved by a Puerto Rican judge. The singer's camp blasted the claims of domestic abuse as "completely falsified a".