Ricky Martin Faces New Sex Abuse Problem

In Puerto Rico, a new sexual assault claim has been made against international music artist Ricky Martin.

According to the protocol for such cases, officials did not reveal the identity of the person who made the complaint.

According to the Associated Press, the accuser was identified as Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, Ricky Martin's nephew, by a source "unauthorised to speak about the case."

Ricky Martin won't be arrested right away, the person added, because the claimed incident didn't happen recently enough.

The complaint was made the day after Ricky Martin sued his nephew for $20 million, alleging false accusations of sexual abuse.

A court archived the case after Sánchez recanted during oath, claiming he had never been sexually attacked by Ricky Martin, after Sánchez had earlier asked for and been given a temporary restraining order against Martin.

Ricky Martin's nephew initially claimed he had a love and sexual relationship with the pop star for seven months.

Ricky Martin's attorneys argue that the musician has lost millions of dollars in earnings as a result of numerous cancelled contracts and "irreparable damage to his reputation" since Sánchez's assertions.