At a rally with Donald Trump on Saturday night, Mary Miller, U.S. Rep. from Illinois, described Roe v. Wade's Supreme Court decision as a victory for white life.

Miller's spokesperson said that Miller intended to declare the decision a victory for the "right to live". This line was not in keeping with the disproportional impact that the repeal of abortion rights would have on women of color.

Miller is running against Rodney Davis, the Republican Party Representative in the newly redrawn 15th Congressional District. This race has the blessing of the former president.

Trump invited her to speak on stage, and she held a rally in Mendon (Illinois) to turn out the votes ahead of Tuesday's primary.

She praised Trump and drew cheers from the crowd, saying, "President Trump! On behalf of all the MAGA patriots here in America, I want you to thank for yesterday's historic victory for white people in the Supreme Court yesterday."

Isaiah Wartman, Miller's spokesperson, told The Associated Press it was "a mix of words." Wartman stated, "You can clearly see that she is looking at her papers as well as her speech in the video."

The freshman congresswoman was one of those who voted against the results of the 2020 election. She previously faced criticism for her quote from Adolf Hitler.

Some elements of the far-right have promoted the "great substitution theory", a racist ideology that claims white people are being replaced by people of color. Proponents point to both immigration and demographic changes, which include white birth rates.

He said, "Yesterday, the court handed down a victory for Constitution, a triumph for the rule of legal and, above all, for life," to the crowd. They broke into a chant of, "Thank you, Trump!"

Trump also endorsed Republican Darren Bailey at the rally, who is running for the nomination to be the party's governor nominee.