Brandy Bottone is a Plano resident and is currently fighting a ticket for driving in an HOV lane.

She spoke about her experience at the time she was ticketed.

Her unborn child should be considered a separate legal person because of the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade.

Bottone stated that he was "kind of in shock" and that he was trying to understand why I was there.

Bottone claimed that she was told to go to another officer to write the citation.

Bottone was told by the officer that she could win if she fought for it.

Bottone stated, "I spoke to the officer and he said something similar," Bottone added, "Ma'am.

Bottone stated. Bottone said, "And I'm going to have to waste my valuable time July 20th fighting for a ticket I feel I shouldn't get."

This is what you are being cited for and honestly, if you go fight this, it will get dropped."