Kim Kardashian can expect a perfectly groomed Pete Davidson now that he's the brand's face. Manscaped.

The "Saturday Night Live" star appears in a hilarious advertisement for the company, where the actor jokes that guys will be able to showcase "how hairless we are."

"Presentation is important," he says, in a deadpan. "Don't insist on me being specific, or else I'll."

Davidson 28 also insists that men "shave your hair" and is groomed in preparation for a "hot date" probably with the Skims founder.

While the couple hasn't been out in public for some time, Kardashian made it clear on Monday that they're active by sharing intimate photos taken during an afternoon at the pool.

Davidson was a bit surprised to reveal that he's got a second tattoo to honor the relationship he has with Kardashian 41, the most recent one being an ode for their initial kiss.

Davidson is even sporting Kardashian's name on his chest.

It appears that he's given up on the entire process of removing tattoos which he had been undergoing at one time.