US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit Taiwan during her tour of Asia

According to a top Taiwanese government official as well as according to a senior Taiwanese government official and a US official, in spite of the warnings of Biden administration officials

Concerned about the Chinese reaction to an important visit.

the first time for the first US House speaker in 25 years. It isn't listed on Pelosi's official schedule.

This comes at a time when relations between the US and China are at a trough.

The Taiwanese official also said that she is likely to remain in Taiwan over the course of the night. It's not clear what time Pelosi will arrive in Taipei.

"We would like to inform the US to remind them that China is watching and that we, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will not sit idle.

"As to what kind of measures are appropriate, if she is willing to leave, we'll be patient and see what happens," Zhao added.

Blinken stated that the trip has precedent, pointing out that past members and speakers of Congress have been to Taiwan.

If asked what she thought she had to say, "I leave it up to the people who will to take that choice."