Only Murders in the Building's season-two premiere was a great way

To remind viewers that it is the same show we loved last year.

The in-world references are piled on like hummus on a chip.

The series looked less confident than it did in its debut due to all the callbacks and the highlighting of callbacks.

But those second-night jitters resolve in Framed just in time to welcome Shirley freaking MacLaine.

The backstory of Tim Kono was slowly revealed in last season's episode:

Parts of his childhood, the life-altering decisions he made as an adult, and his quest to right things

Title Finally, Jan. took his life.

The Aronia was where it all happened, the place where Oscar redeemed himself from his betrayal.

This building is more than just a setting for tragedy; it is a whole world and will play an even greater role in season 2.