The White House announced today that President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19.

Biden has mild symptoms and is now taking Paxlovid as an antiviral medication.

This news comes amid a tsunami of COVID-19-related infections in the country. It is being driven by the highly transmissible BA.5 variant.

Yesterday was a part of Biden's travels and he gave a speech on the administration's clean energy goals for Massachusetts.

NPR reported that the president also "laughed for extended conversations" in the week leading up to the positive test.

At the Congressional Picnic, on the White House South Lawn, they took pictures and exchanged hugs.

NPR reported that he met leaders from the Middle East and attended meetings without wearing a mask during a four-day trip.

Biden's doctor wrote that his symptoms were mild and consisted of fatigue, a runny nasal, and a dry cough. This started Wednesday evening.

Karine Jean-Pierre White House Press Secretary wrote that Biden would respond positively to the Paxlovid treatment.

Biden is considered "maximally protected", meaning he has been fully vaccinated and has received two boosters.

Biden is 79 years old and at greater risk for serious COVID-19 symptoms. However, older adults who are not vaccinated are more at risk than the president.

According to the White House, he will remain in isolation until he is positive and "will continue to fulfill all his duties fully during that period."

Former President Donald Trump also tested positive for COVID-19 during his time in office.

In 2020, vaccines were not available at the time. Trump was admitted to the hospital and received an experimental antibody treatment.