A SHOOTER went into a rage, leaving a number of victims dead. The gunman was shooting victims on the streets.

Cops confirmed that there were "multiple shooting scenes" in the city center of Langley which is a city located within the Metro Vancouver district of British Columbia, Canada.

Cops confirmed that several have died and one suspect was detained following the rampage.

Residents were alerted when they received an emergency alert being sent to mobile phones that advised them to stay away from the downtown zone.

Police issued the alert at about 6.15am local time, citing "multiple shootings".

The alert identified this suspect as being a black male with dark hair.

The suspect was reported to wear brown coveralls and the camouflage green and blue T-shirt that had an red logo on the left sleeves.

The notice stated that the suspect was linked to an unidentified white vehicle, but did not specify if police could identify a specific model or make.

Police later confirmed that they had been taken into custody a suspect, while the sun set over the stunned city.

Police have stated that they were homeless, and investigators believe that this was a deliberate rampage.