"Neil LaBute","Kate Bosworth" &"Justin Long"Horror

We are given a stage-like investigation of gender dynamics in House of Darkness, along with a lot more.

Actors who have played roles that are strikingly similar in recent films that have been released were cast in the two principal roles.

After portraying a role quite similar to this one in the recently released Barbarian, Justin Long plays another illiterate guy trying to avoid a fate he pretty much deserves.

After starring in the recently released The Immaculate Room, Kate Bosworth now has another movie on her portfolio that is almost exclusively set in one location.

The movie is what it is because of Long and Bosworth's relentless efforts to depict their separate characters as strongly as possible. They are both young, charming actors.

LaBute has succeeded in producing a number of settings that serve as lovely backdrops for them.

Long and Bosworth are important to the movie's excellence, but so is the backdrop, which functions almost like a character in and of itself.

If you enjoy the stars, it's an interesting object to see. LaBute is still brilliant, and his observations in this regard are fascinating.