After Twitter blocked his account, a prominent Chinese commentator claimed that he deleted a tweet in which he warned of military retaliation 

Pelosi is number three in the U.S. presidential succession line, after Joe Biden

Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, indicated on Friday that she was going on an Asia trip.

Pelosi is number three in the U.S. succession line after Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Vice President Kamala Harris. 

In a telephone call on Thursday, Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, warned Biden that Washington must abide by one-China principles and that "those who play in fire will perish."

Hu, a former editor-in chief of the state tabloid Global Times wrote about China's microblog Weibo

"I have conveyed the message: If the U.S. military sends fighter planes to escort Pelosi into Taiwan,

Then, the move would be vile and aggressive.

A U.S. air carrier traverses the area as part of a routine patrol, according to the U.S. Navy.