MoviePass Sets Late Summer Relaunch 


AUG 22,2022

At the end of the summer, MoviePass, the troubled movie-going subscription service that abruptly failed, will make a comeback.

On Labor Day, the discounted ticket subscription service will return in beta, but prospective customers must first sign up for a waitlist.

it has five days of operation. On September 5, those who are chosen will be notified.

Helios and Matheson Analytics, the parent business, filed for bankruptcy. In a press conference held in February of last year, MoviePass was promoted again.

Red was the color of the now-defunct plastic card that used to buy cinema buffs at least one ticket per day.


Offering cinephiles the chance to view an unending supply of films on the big screen proved to be one of MoviePass's most innovative ideas.

A documentary series will eventually be created to remember MoviePass in its previous form.