Hong Kong officials said Friday they will open an investigation into an accident at a concert where a massive video screen fell onto the stage, injuring two dancers.

The video clips of The Cantopop group Mirror concert on Thursday night. an enormous LED screen that was that is suspended over the stage, which crashes down.

Directly landing on one dancer, before falling onto the other as spectators are screaming in horror.

The dancers injured were both taken to the hospital, with one of them said as"in "serious condition."

Hong Kong leader John Lee announced on Friday that the authorities would "comprehensively investigate the incident"

 examine and review safety standards in the future in accordance with an official government statement.

MakerVille, the concert organizer, stated in a statement that the company was "deeply saddened" over the injuries sustained by two performers .

The venue's manager said that all activities on the remaining screens suspended on the site will stop.

The government will help the relatives who have one of the dancers who was injured be in a position to travel across Canada across  to Hong Kong to see him.

Mirror The 12-member group, Mirror has seen its popularity skyrocket across Hong Kong and been credited for revitalizing Cantopop.