Mega Million's jackpot climbed to $555 million before the draw on Tuesday this makes the jackpot the fifth biggest jackpot in the history of the lottery.

A record-breaking number of tickets sold helped push the prize up to its historic rank which is around $317 million in cash value,

The winning numbers were 2 31 32, 37, and 70, plus Gold Mega Ball 25, according to the lottery's website.

The next drawing will take place on the 22nd of July, Friday.

The jackpot was set at $480 million on Friday, which was the 10th highest of Mega Millions history at about $276 million in cash.

A prize of $20 million was won on the 15th of April Then, since that time, there are over 15.5 million winning tickets

Another three jackpots have been hit this year, including the largest of which was $426 million from California on the 28th of January.

A $128 million jackpot was uncovered in New York on March 8 and a $110 million jackpot from Minnesota on the 12th of April.

Texas has seen the privilege of having 13 Mega Millions jackpot prize winners since the start of the lottery in 2003.

A Houston resident claimed just under one million dollars in the month of May, and an Ingram resident won an additional $2 million in second-tier prizes in June.

Second-tier prizes are awarded to winners in the event that five of their numbers match however, it is not Mega Ball.

Mega Millions is played by selecting the five winning numbers in a pool of 70 numbers.

To be eligible to win Mega Millions, the Mega Millions jackpot, players must be able to identify all six numbers drawn.

Tickets sales for the next drawing will close around 9:45 p.m. CT on Tuesday.