"Happy Birthday Barbie Margot!" Margot Robbie's latest movie,

In which she plays the beloved Barbie doll, which features a huge pink Barbie birthday cake.

On Saturday, the Academy Award nominee called on her 32nd Birthday.

She was on set of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. There she was treated with a huge Barbie doll cake and "Happy Birthday Barbie Margot!" written in icing letters.

A big pink box of Trejo’s Donuts was under her arm, and she was seen with a pointed party cap hanging from her finger.

Robbie, who is playing Ken, was seen again in her pink cowgirl costume.

The film follows the beloved doll as she is kicked out of Barbieland for being "not perfect enough, a bit odd, and doesn’t fit in."

The doll then embarks on an adventure in real life and returns to Barbieland to save the place.

She said that she believes it is a great chance to spread positivity and inspire younger children.

The costume was topped with a white men's dress shirt. Barbie will premiere July 21, 2023.