Luke Evans Play a Gay James Bond?

British actor Luke Evans is tall, beautiful, and in good physical shape. He is currently 43 years old.

Luke Evans fulfills all the requirements to be considered for the role of James Bond in a movie.

If Evans were to land the part of Bond, he would be the first gay actor to play the character.

When it comes to taking over Craig's role as James Bond on the big screen, Evans was questioned.

The Beauty and the Beast actor is unsure if viewers will be enthusiastic about a homosexual actor portraying the character if they care enough about him.

"Whether they care enough to worry about what James Bond does in the bedroom," Luke Evans remarked.

Luke Evans makes the argument that since the 007 series isn't as well-known as it once was, people might not be as interested in who plays Bond's role.

Make a daring casting choice, like putting an out gay actor in the lead role, to revive this franchise.