Loose Women ITV fails to Show Queen Elizabeth's Health

The Palace confirmed that Queen Elizabeth is currently in Balmoral under "medical supervision," with physicians expressing "concern" about her health.

The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, and other royals have traveled to be by her side.

When the Palace announced the news, Loose Women was airing on ITV during its regular time slot.

without mentioning the most recent events involving Her Majesty.

Another person suggested that ITV shouldn't pause #LooseWomen because of the news regarding Queen Elizabeth.

Bargain Hunt was being broadcast when the BBC cut to the BBC News channel to deliver the most recent information.

The panelists on Loose Women continued their conversations with Andi Oliver and Georgia Taylor, a stalwart of Coronation Street.

Many ITV viewers took notice of this and criticized the network for not cutting to its newsroom to deliver the most recent information.