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Judith Durham, Australia's folk music icon, who rose to worldwide recognition as the lead singer from The Seekers, has died. She was 79.

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judith Durham died at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on Friday night, suffering complications from lung disease.

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Universal Music Australia and Musicoast issued a statement on Saturday.

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Her first record was made at the age of 19 and rose to fame when she joined The Seekers in 1963.

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The quartet was the first Australian group to have major sales and chart successes within the U.K.

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The United States was the next to follow, selling 50 million records.

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Her amazing legacy of music Keith, Bruce, and I are blessed to have it to pass on," they said.

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The biggest hits from the world of entertainment include "The Carnival is Over,"

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In her state, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews said Durham had taken over the music industry both in Australia and around the world.


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"With her unique voice and stage presence leading The Seekers, the band became one of Australia's biggest chart-toppers," he added.