Josh Hawley, a Republican senator from Missouri has been accused by an academic on Tuesday.

in a hearing about the implications of the supreme court's decision to reverse Roe in v Wade

At the hearing of the judiciary panel, Hawley, who has previously co-sponsored legislation that will prohibit transgender children from playing sports

 Bridges is a law professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law who was asked to testify about reproductive rights.

Bridges responded: "Many women, cis women, are capable to be pregnant.

A lot of cis women don't have the ability to become pregnant.

Hawley stated: "So this isn't really an issue regarding women's rights. It's ... it's what?"

 Exposes trans people to violence when they are not aware of them.

Hawley declared: "You're saying that I'm open to people being a victim of violence by asking whether women are the only ones who have the potential to become pregnant?"

Other right-wing media and politicians people have spread lies and false information regarding trans and gay people trying to influence students.