With their ripped superheroes Minions,, along with Tom Cruise, things have been fairly straightforward over the summer.

Here comes Jordan Peele to make it completely bizarre.

This weekend , The "Get out" as well as "Us" director releases his latest horror movie featuring Oscar winners Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun.

Oscar-winning actress Billy Porter makes his directorial debut in an Amazon romance based on the transgender girl as well as an Muslim boy.

And Don McLean's iconic track "American Pie" as well as the metal band Gwar both receive the treatment in the documentary.

After hitting home runs in the songs "Get out" along with "Us," Peele keeps up his remarkable batsmanship and delved into Sci-fi from the Spielberg with his latest effort.

Ambitious, a bit freaky and surprisingly funny, "Nope" casts Kaluuya and Palmer as siblings of a horse who see strange phenomena in the sky.

The captivating film delved into the life of Don McLean, the songwriter but the focus is on his song of a mere eight minutes "American Pie."

This engaging tale of contemporary young love centers around Kelsa (Eva Reign) an ebullient transgender girl, as well as her classmate from high school and crush Khal .

who wants to ask Kelsa out, even knowing there could be drama.

Holmes is the writer, director and plays in this love story that's not a lot of fun but is a pandemic-era resemblance.