On Friday, Hollywood was shocked to hear of Jak Knight's sudden death.

Deadline was informed by Knight's family that Knight had died in Los Angeles. There was no cause of death.

Knight is best known for his role in Peacock's comedy series, "Bust Down".

He was also an actor in "Big Mouth," the Netflix animated series where he played DeVon, a middle school student. Knight was a writer for the show for five seasons.

Knight's most significant career achievement was in stand-up.

He traveled the world and became a popular comedian in Europe. Knight was invited to appear in "The Comedy Lineup" on Netflix in 2018.

After the sad news about Knight's death was announced, tributes came flooding in. Comedy Central called Knight a "hysterical comedian" as a tribute.

"Jak Knight was an honest and hilarious comedian.

The network tweeted, "We will miss him tremendously."

Actor Kumail Nanjiani tweeted, "Rest In Peace Jak Knight. A great comedian and hilarious guy. It's unbelievable.