Robert E. Crime III was seen driving in a Silver Honda Fit in North Chicago within hours of the attack.

The officer was trying to "initiate an investigation into a traffic violation," the 22-year-old attempted to escape,

Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said in a briefing on Monday evening.

"A brief chase was conducted," but ultimately Crime surrendered,

Jogmen said, adding that Crime got "taken into custody with no incident."

Jogmen said that the investigation is moving swiftly and added that Crime will be interrogated by the department's investigators

Six of the victims of the attack were adults and passed away at the scene.

Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek stated at a previous briefing.

Highland Park Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage said a child who was critically injured is among the nearly two dozen people

who were taken to hospitals in the area. The injuries range from shooting wounds on the abdomen as well as the limbs.

"There is no word to describe the type of monster that lurks in the shadows and then shoots into families with children