Two episodes of "Blonded Radio" featured the new material. 

Frank Ocean shared unreleased music in celebration of 10 years since his debut album, "Channel Orange".

Two episodes of Ocean's Apple Music 1 show Blonded Radio featured the new music. They aired Sunday, July 10. The episode titled "Blonded Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was the first.

Episode two, "Blonded Energy!" sees Ocean having a conversation with Mingtong Gu, a healer and teacher who specializes in Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing technique.

The musician also added new merchandise to his online shop, including Blonded radio tees as well as a poster titled 'Channel Orange'.

Ocean performed a nearly nine-minute song as part of the Christmas special last December.

This episode featured Wim "The Iceman", a Dutch motivational speaker and runner.

Ocean's 2012 album, 'Channel Orange,' was released. His 2016 sophomore album, 'Blonde,' followed in 2016.

Since then, the artist has released a few singles including 'DHL’ and 'In My Room'.

On streaming services, he also released 'Cayendo’ and 'Dear April'.