The incredible rescue of 12 young footballers and their coaches

A captivating story that was previously revisited in a documentary award winner is being given the big-screen dramatic treatment by Ron Howard."

Thirteen Lives" will be in theaters in North America on July 29 as well as the Oscar-winning Howard

The cast -- which includes the film with a mix of bankable actors and unknown talent for the film -- says that the production was an "exciting task.

"He declared his latest film"film a "very extreme" rendition of one of my most favorite types of films -- the kind of films which show that amazing results aren't just only the result of science fiction.

When people come together, extraordinary events can occur. "For his part

Farrell spoke about the "responsibility to honor the lives that were passed and not just the spirit of those who survived the rescue,"

We are reminded that two individuals associated with the cave extractions died.

"It was a burden but an honor, and we were really aware of it," he added.

"Thirteen Lives" will be accessible in August to stream through Amazon Prime after its cinematic release.