2021 was a great year for Hollywood disability representation, especially among deaf performers.

Millicent Simmonds proved that she is one of entertainment's most exciting and promising young actors in A Quiet Place Part II.

Lauren Ridloff was Marvel's first deaf hero in Eternals. Most importantly, CODA won the Academy Awards. She won three Oscars including Best Picture.

The real work begins with maintaining a diverse panel at the Inevitable Foundation panel of creators with disabilities.

Thursday morning at San Diego Comic-Con, moderated by Abbey White of The Hollywood Reporter

Ridloff stated, "There's so much work that needs to be done."

Ridloff and Jillian Mercado. Josh Feldman (a writer at Marvel's Echo who is deaf) and Greg Machlin.

Aoife Baker and Aoife Baker met to discuss the many challenges faced by professionals in the disability industry.

Feldman stated, "I'm used to being the only deaf person present in the room."

Mercado says that the audience will directly blame them if they feel not accurately or respectfully represented.

The panelists are still grateful for their role in representing the wider disability community.