Two climate activists stuck themselves to a masterpiece dating back 200 years in London's National Gallery on Monday.

The latest in a series of violent protests led by British environmentalists Just Stop Oil.

The two covered John Constable's iconic Landscape painting "The Hay Wain" with modified versions of the painting before putting their hands on the frame.

The protest comes one week after five Just Stop Oil activists disrupted Formula 1's British Grand Prix by sitting on the Silverstone racetrack.

The activists glued their hands onto their frames in "The Hay Wain" after painting it with a mock-up that the artist painted. - Carlos Jasso/AFP/Getty Images Completed in 1821,

The modified version of the protesters' plan included a river that was replaced by an asphalt road.

Just Stop Oil, which is calling on the UK government to block licences for the next gas and oil extraction.

The group has now identified the demonstrators as being students Hannah Hunt and Eben Lazarus.

The National Gallery said the painting was removed from view after the incident, and was later looked at by conservators.

"So yes there is glue on the frame of this painting but there is blood on the hands of our government."