Drew Barrymore fans celebrate the joyous and carefree video she shared in which she enjoys the rain while reflecting back on her difficult childhood.

After sharing a video on social media of her enjoying the rain, the actress-turned-talk show host has gone viral.

This week, Charlie's Angels star took it to Instagram to encourage her fans to play in the rain whenever they get the chance.

She smiled and said, "Whenever possible, go out in rain, don't miss the chance," in the video.

Fans were delighted to see the clip of the 47 year old enjoying everyday things with such joy.

"I want Drew Barrymore to love everything as much as I love anything.

Drew Barrymore is my inspiration.

It has also led to a conversation on social media about Barrymore’s childhood and his difficult upbringing in Hollywood as a child star.

"People who are rude about Drew Barrymore's child stardom clearly forget what it was like.

"Y'all mind if I embody Drew Barrymore's pure childlike spirit and enter this week with gratitude + joy?

This viral rain video is just months after Barrymore shared a similar one with her followers.