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The big bear mountain will be the longest roller coaster at dollywood rides at 3990 feet. It also has a ride duration of around 100 seconds.

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The ride will be at 66 feet and boast the highest velocity of just 48 miles per hour.

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Each train will accommodate 20 passengers. big bear mountian will have a height requirement of 39 inches.

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It's time to head to the Smokies for an unforgettable experience on Dollywood biggest attraction.

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Ned Oakley, Wildwood Grove's resident wilderness explorer, is aware of some things about the secluded terrain

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The Adventure Outpost Base Camp is being set up. Adventure Outpost Base Camp is situated just a stone's throw from that Tree's Hidden Hollow.

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In true Dolly style, Big Bear Mountain will also contain the following 25 "butterfly moments,"

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However, the details of this are not yet available.

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We aren't yet able to identify the maker of the big bear mountian, but it is speculated to be Vekoma,

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we will update this article once we have confirmation.